Dinopaws follows three bold, brave and sweet dinosaurs, Gwen, Bob and Tony, on their mighty missions to explore the world.

Versioning Program

The Canada Media Fund’s (CMF) Versioning Program is designed to expand the accessibility of CMF-funded projects to other audiences by adding voice-overs and/or subtitles to projects, in languages other than the original language. Versioning increases revenue potential in other markets when Canadian projects gain further national and international sales. Projects receive funding on a first-come, first-served basis.

In 2016-2017, the CMF’s Versioning Program had a $1.0M budget allocated to it, which was fully spent for the second year in a row, supporting 19 projects, the same amount as 2015-2016. A total of seven of the projects (36.8%) were initially produced in the English-language and there were nine projects (47.4%) in the Drama genre. 20.4% of total commitments went to the versioning of two seasons of “Blackstone” into French. Seven drama projects originally in Mandarin were versioned into Cantonese, receiving 65.2% of funding. Versioning of nine documentaries were also funded, five from French to English and four from English to French, receiving 12.6% of funding.

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